Safety and Health Policy

The Management of Team Medical & Scientific Sdn. Bhd. is committed to a proactive Safety and Health (SH) policy and regards SH matters as an integral part of its business activities giving them equal priority to other business considerations.

Our objective is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees by preventing or ade-quately controlling SH risks, providing all of our employees with a safe and healthy workplace and achieving high standard performance for all aspects of our business.

Our minimum standard is compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements and our goal is to improve progressively the SH aspects of our business through
  • Implementation of a process of continuous improvement of the company’s services & dis-tributed products.
    i. Minimization of SH Impact
    ii. Safety of employees during installation of our product & services
    iii. Health of our customers and product user, with chemical assessment, with support from
    principals, example. Erlab, France – Chemical Assessment Valiquest From.
  • Adopting, partnering and co-developing SH initiatives together with all our principal suppliers from locally and internationally, provide positive input and best practices to SH issues af-fecting our business and our customers.
  • Employees being made aware of their individual responsibilities for ensuring their own health, the safety of others in the workplace and for acting accordance with this SH practice. Employees do not undertake tasks they reasonably consider to be unsafe.
  • Employees are covered with sufficient Personal Accident Insurance, based on the nature of works & responsibilities
  • Use appropriate tools and personal safety equipment, to protect the employees, during and/or at installation site.

The Director will review the SH practice and the SH Policy periodically.