Behr-Labor behrotest® Cold Extraction Unit for De-fattening, 4 sample positions

SKU: DG 2+2

Cold extraction unit for degreasing

An important condition for reliable crude fiber determination is a low fat content (less than 1 %) of the sample. Samples that are below this value require previous fat extraction with acetone and hexane or petroleum.

The behrotest® DG 2+2 and DG 6 perform rapid fat extraction directly in the glass filter crucibles, which are also used in CF 2+2 and CF 6. The user can begin directly with crude fiber determination once fat extraction has been completed. The practical sample rack for the filter crucible prevents any potential sample loss. The same crucibles can be used in the DG 2+2 and DG 6 cold extraction unit.


DG 2+2

Dimensions (w x h x d) in cm

64 x 30 x 60

Weight in kg


Power consumption

200 VA

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