Behr-Labor behrotest® Filtration Unit (enzymatic method for the determination of fiber)


Determination of the fiber content of food

Fibers play an important role in human nutrition. The fiber content is generally determined by means of the classic AOAC 985.29 total crude fiber analysis (the so-called Prosky method) and the AOAC 991.43 total crude fiber analysis. Both methods subject the sample to a series of enzymatic digestions that simulate the actual digestion process that takes place in the human and animal digestive system. They calculated the undigested residues that remain at the end of the analysis.

behrotest® filtration unit EN6

The filtration unit EN6 performs the last filtration and rinsing phase required by the enzymatic method for the determination of fibers.

Combined with the behrotest® shaking water bath SWB26, the behrotest® EN6 reduces the required time in comparison to the manual process considerably.

Glass funnels facilitate the introduction of digested samples and solvents in the equipment. A vacuum function accelerates the filtration and rinsing phase.

optional: behrotest® shaking water bath SWB 26

The behrotest® shaking water bath SWB 26 is used for the simulation of enzymatic digestions, exactly according to these methods. With the multiple digestions of sample copies/duplicates at predefined temperatures using various enzymes (a-amylase for gelification, protease to remove proteins, amyloglucosidase to remove starch). Uninterrupted and even sample mixing (shaking) ensures that the samples do not overheat.


EN 6

Dimensions (w x h x d) in cm

80.00 x 38.00 x 41.50

Weight in kg


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