Erlab Chemtrap Midcap H402

SKU: Chemtrap Midcap H402

Standalone Filtration System for Fire Proof and Chemical Storage Cabinets

With the Chemtrap Midcap filtration system, you can avoid to duct out your chemicals storage cabinets, install them anywhere you want as it just needs an electrical socket to vent the cabinet 24 hours and filter 100% of the noxious chemicals from chemical containers placed inside. You will save an average of 1,700 000 m3 of expensive aircon air per cabinet and per year if the cabinet was ducted out.

With the Chemtrap Midcap, the installation is quick, unlike the complicated ducted systems: just lace it on the top of you cabinet, connect the stainless steel tube between he exhaust port of the cabinet and the inlet port of the Chemtrap, plug-in to an electrical socket and that’s done!


  • Transform any fire proof or chemical storage cabinet into a standalone filtered storage safety cabinet
  • Eliminates noxious vapors released from your fire resistant safety cabinet and improves your safety from inhalation risks
  • Continuously cleans the air in your lab
  • Easy to install, energy saving & economical, no ducting needed

Erlab’s 50 years of expertise in research, design and manufacturing of filtering fume hoods and chemical storage cabinets guarantee superior filtration that will keep you protected from chemical inhalation.

Chemtrap Midcap filters the air from the internal chamber of a storage cabinet, captures toxic fumes right at the source and returns clean air back into the laboratory while contributing to a better and safer working environment. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting, it is equipped with an adjustable flexible air duct that allows for easy connection points to the storage cabinet, exhaust port of your chemical.

Safer to operate

The filtration system placed above the fire proof or chemical storage cabinet can be configured to filter gases, solvents, powders and particulates, keeping the user and the lab protected by safety and efficiently cleaning the air within the room free of any toxic hazardous vapors or odors.

EXTERNAL WIDTH (mm / in) 482 / 19
EXTERNAL DEPTH (mm / in) 451 / 17 ¾
EXTERNAL HEIGHT (mm / in) 315 / 12 ½
AIR FLOW (m3/h – CFM) 75 m3/h
SAFETY STANDARDS Filtration performances tested according to the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard : France EN 1822:1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U17 Filters) – CE Marking
VOLTAGE / FREQUENCY (V/Hz) 2300v / 50Hz and 110v / 60Hz
CONNECTION PIPE Adjustable stainless steel connection pipe Ø 61 mm (2 ½ in)

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