HALO P Smart Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, removal of viruses, bacteria, particles and allergens

  • Captures aerosolised contaminants, respiratory particulates, viruses, bacteria, allergens at the source
  • Equipped with HEPA H14 Filter
  • Autonomous filtration unit with no HVAC connection required
  • Real time room and system monitoring technology
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Does not take out floor space
  • Very low energy consumption (50w)
  • Zero release of pollutants to atmosphere
  • Intuitive Smart light communication
  • Remote management by App
  • 24/7 air purification and monitoring system

Halo P Smart air purifier capture viruses, bacteria, allergens and all dust and particulate matter at the source and trap them permanently in a high-efficiency filter with multiple layers of bonded glass microfibers.  Originally developed to capture pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) from the air during handling in biology laboratories, Halo P Smart air purifiers are recommended for any enclosed or poorly ventilated space where people gather. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are particularly suitable for spaces which make wearing a mask impossible (restaurants, long-term care facilities, staff and school dining halls, etc.) or difficult (gyms), as well as in places where social distancing is difficult (enclosed offices, elevators, etc.).

A single device is sufficient for real-time purification of 3,531 ft³ of air, which is the volume of air in a room with 376 ft² of floorspace. It works continuously to entirely replenish the air in a room up to twice an hour.  Installing one or more Halo P Smart in a cafeteria, classroom, gym or retirement home guarantees a high level of air quality without having to resort to cumbersome air renewal systems or connections to HVAC systems (Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning) which can redistribute chemical or biological atmospheric pollutants throughout a building.  In addition, by constantly filtering the air in the room without releasing it into the atmosphere, installing a Halo P Smart can result in substantial energy savings.

HALO P Smart Air Purifier is tested by third party in vitro study to characterise the efficacy of it filtration.  Halo P Smart Air Purifier is proven to be able to remove aerosolized viruses effectively in a very short time.  The study showed a steady net log reduction in a relatively short amount of time with average log reduction values ranging from 0.82 average net Log in 15 minutes to 4.13 average net log reduction in 90 minutes. (90% reduction with 15 min, 99.99% at 90 min filtration time using HALO P Smart Air Purifier.

Video show a visual testing on how HALO P Smart Air Purifier function to remove the contaminants in a common space.

According to EN1822 particulate filtration standard our HEPA offer a very low particulate penetration factor and can achieve dust free air filtration efficiency of 99.995% which is 10 to 1,000 times more powerful than common air purifier units found on the market.,

These filters are designed for the most complex sanitary situations. They efficiently and significantly reduce the propagation of all airborne viral and bacterial pollutants. These types of filters are found in clean-rooms and in all laboratory grade microbiological safety cabinets for the safe handling of pathogenic microorganisms.

External width (mm / in)

592 / 23.25

External depth (mm / in)

892 / 35.25

External height (mm / in)

303 / 12

Air flow (m3/h / CFM)

300 m3/h / 120 CFM

Safety Standards :

AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 : France BS 7989 : England DIN 12 927 : Germany EN 1822 : 1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U17 Filters) CE Marking UL Listed

Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)

220-240VAC 50/60Hz

Power consumption

50 Watt

Operating mode

24/7, day / night, Alerts

Ceiling mounted

Hung via 4 eye bolts (included). Easy installation.

Weight (kg/lbs)

31 kg (with filter included)

Protected surface (m2 / ft2)

35 m2 / 375 ft2

Particulate filtration for powders

HEPA H14 filtration efficiency: 99.995 % according to MPPS method, EN1822 standard


Particulate filter

Structure Metallic Frame

Anti-corrosion steel coated with 100% polyester

Structure Filtration Module


Communication interface

Simple communication by LED pulsations: fan settings, usage timer, fan failure, automatic filter performance detection

App eGuard

App for remote control to monitor HALO units, change the settings, and deliver safety alerts immediately to your devices (mobile, tablet and PC).


RJ45 ethernet cable connection/ Router

Filter perfor- mance sensors

Timer Based Tracker

Halo P & C Smart Air Purifier Catalog


Ceiling Mounted Air Purification System with HEPA Filter or Activated Carbon Filter

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