Filter Replacement

We provide filter replacement service and testing as following:

  • Assessment of ductless fume hood & vented chemicals storage cabinet
  • Filter replacement service
  • Carbon filter saturation test
  • DOSH compliance Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) test service


We provide filter replacement service for the following brands:

  • AirClean
  • Air Science
  • Astec
  • Captair
  • Ecosafe
  • Labcaire
  • Labconco
  • All Others



Calibration for various equipment such as temperature logger, water activity meter, and oxygen analyzer.

Calibration & Temperature Drift Adjustment for Ebro / HOBO brand Data Logger:

  • Factory calibration by manufacturer licensed calibration software (slope adjustmnet)
  • Firmware upgrade (depend on model)
  • Calibration certificate with traceability


Calibration for Water Activity Meter (Direct calibration of Water Activity):

  • Factory calibration for standard curve by manufacturer licensed calibration software (slope adjustment)
  • Verification by using NIST traceable Aw standards (taken one whole day)
  • Firmware upgrade (depend on model)




Instrument breaks down? Let our professional engineers to inspect and provide you with proper assessment, and advice you with available repair options.

  • For product within warranty period, we provide the assessment off-site, prior to onsite inspection if there is such a need.

  • For product out of warranty period, we can provide free off-site assessment. The onsite assessment will be charged according to the distance and the nature of work.



Training & Consultation

We provide training for a wide range of instruments and consultation for laboratories on various topics:

Hands-on Training:

  • Water Activity Testing for food quality and safety assurance
  • Mycotoxins extraction and detection using Immuno-affinity column
  • Safety talk related to DOSH compliance and risk assessment
  • Various hands on demonstration for data loggers and instrumentations

Awareness Talk:

  • Talk on “Understanding FAPAS Proficiency Testing for Laboratories ? ”
  • Talk on “Best practices for mitigating chemical risk in the laboratory”
  • Talk on “Best practices for chemicals storage in laboratory”
  • Talk on “Basic Water Activity Meter and its function”

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