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Laboratory Walkthrough Video with Erlab Chemical Filtration Ecosystem

Erlab R&D laboratory located in France, is a state-of-the-art energy efficient model laboratory. This laboratory is energy efficient, because the Ductless fume hood and Green fume hood are using the molecular carbon filtration system, instead of ducting out the air-conditions air. The energy consumption of these filtered system are very low, even the 6 ft ductless fume hood, 714 Smart has power consumption of only 220W.

All these Erlab filtration system are connected with a smart laboratory software, called eGuard Software :-

– Ductless Fume Hood

– Green Fume Hood

– Chemical Storage Cabinet

Weighing Station

– Halo Air Filtration System

-Filtration box for flammable cabinet

are all linked and monitored 24/7. The eGuard Software will record the events for each system and generate alert /report when the system are not performing at the optimum conditions.

More about Erlab Chemical Filtration Ecosystem : https://www.erlab.com/upload/image/01…

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