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HorizonScan – a Global Food Safety Information at your fingertips, Now!

If CTOS is the credit and risk management system for bankers, then HorizonScan is the global CTOS system for food regulators and traders.

HorizonScan is an subscription-based online food integrity and risk management system, brought to you by the world leading scientific solution provider – FERA Science Ltd. from United Kingdom. HorizonScan monitors global food integrity issues, allowing you to plan and ensure consumer safety and protect your product brand identity.

What HorizonScan does for you ?

HorizonScan provide business and government subscriber’s decision making tool by delivering relevant information on food integrity of the global food supply chains –

  1. Monitoring the increasing foodintegrity issues worldwide
  2. Preparing you for emerging food safety issues
  3. Prioritising analytical requirements
  4. Checking reliability of supplier base
  5. Finding alternative sourcing possibilities

How it Works ?

HorizonScan team have done tremendous among of works to track, categories, analyse and inform  subscribers relevant and near real-time reports.

The following are some of the statistical facts about HorizonScan :

  1. Total number of commodities monitored : 538
  2. Total number of commodity groups : 62
  3. Countries of origin tracked : 188 countries
  4. Data sources (Scanned daily) : more than 100
  5. New reports daily : 30
  6. Total number of reports : 105,008 and growing
  7. Number of suppliers tracked : 22,452 and growing

Global food hazards covered by HorizonScan :

  1. Residues (pesticide & veterinary drugs)
  2. Microbiological issues
  3. Natural toxicants (mycotoxins)
  4. Undeclared allergens & undeclared/illegal food additives
  5. Environmental contaminants (heavy metals)
  6. Infestation & foreign bodies
  7. Fraud

How HorizonScan Can Help You?

a. Coverage : HorizonScan offers access to a rapid overview of potential and emerging food safety issues

b. Emerging issues :
HorizonScan is updated daily enabling searches for issues emerging in the past 14-28 days

c. Supplier check :
Check companies for commodity-specific references to food safety issues in their supply chain (a CTOS system for food industries)

d. Daily email updates :
Customise daily or weekly updates keeping you up to date with relevant issues for your data preferences

Overview of HorizonScan Video :

Two short videos demonstrates how HorizonScan delivers global food safety information to your fingertips :

Part 1 : The Industrial Best Kept Secret – Global Food Integrity And Risk System

Part 2 : The Industrial Best Kept Secret – Global Food Integrity And Risk System

Who should subscribe ?

  • Food safety regulatory bodies
  • FDA or Ministry of Health 
  • Ministry for International Trade and Industry
  • Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA)
  • Custom authority
  • International trade agency
  • Research institution & organisation
  • Food traders organisation
  • News & food trade publishers
  • Main food exporter & importer
  • Universities and libraries

Who to subscribe and duration of subscription ?

HorizonScan subscription period is on annual basis. You may subscribe through FERA local agent.

FERA’s HorizonScan agent :

No. 41, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla T31/T,
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone : +603-5122 5108
Email : or