FAPAS Proficiency Test of Contaminants


Metallic Contaminants

This series of proficiency tests includes the mostly commonly sought toxic heavy metals. For nutritionally important elements analysis, please see section headed Nutritional Elements. The test materials generally will be incurred but may be over-spiked to elevate the concentrations closer to legislated levels. Some proficiency tests will only be at the naturally occurring (low) levels and these are indicated in the analyte description. Where the heavy metal speciation is important, this is indicated in the analyte description (for example, total arsenic and inorganic arsenic).

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There have varies PT samples (matrix) offering as below:

Polyhalogenated Compounds in Pork
Product Code: FCCE4-MRP35
Matrix: Pork
Analytes: Dioxins, PCBs & PBDEs


PAHs in Cocoa Butter Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCE2-FAT7
Matrix: Cocoa Butter
Analytes: PAHs (including PAH4 sum)


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Smoked Fish Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCE2-SEA25
Matrix: Smoked Fish Product
Analytes: PAHs (including PAH4 sum)


Contaminants in Cod Liver Oil
Product Code: FCCE4-OIL10
Matrix: Cod Liver Oil
Analytes: Dioxins, PCBs & PBDEs


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Spirulina Powder Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCE1-SUP8
Matrix: Spirulina
Analytes: all 16 EU priority PAHs (including PAH4 sum)


Perfluoroalkylated substances in Sea Fish
Product Code: FCCE5-SEA11
Matrix: Fish
Analytes: Perfluoroalkylated substances (PFASs)


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Palm Oil Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCE2-OIL24
Matrix: Palm Oil
Analytes: PAHs (including PAH4 sum)


Overall Migration into Olive Oil by Total Immersion Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCO2-PMM16
Matrix: Plastic Film
Analytes: overall migration into olive oil by total immersion


Melamine in 3% aq. Acetic Acid Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCS4-PMM3
Matrix: 3% aq. Acetic Acid
Analytes: melamine


Bisphenol A in 50% Aqueous Ethanol Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCS2-PMM4
Matrix: 50% Aqueous Ethanol
Analytes: bisphenol A


Formaldehyde in 3% aq. Acetic Acid Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCS3-PMM3
Matrix: 3% aq. Acetic Acid
Analytes: formaldehyde


Total Primary Aromatic Amines in 3% Acetic Acid Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCS6-PMM3
Matrix: 3% aq. Acetic Acid
Analytes: total primary aromatic amines


Heavy Metals in 3% aq. Acetic Acid Proficiency Test
Product Code: FCCS1-PMM3
Matrix: 3% aq. Acetic Acid
Analytes: barium, cobalt, copper, iron, lithium, manganese & zinc

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