METER MINI DISK INFILTROMETER – Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity


Stop lugging around heavy research instrumentation

Understanding infiltration and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity over a large research area can be difficult because water movement in soil is spatially variable.  The more variable your soil is, the more measurements you have to make.  Traditional tension infiltrometers are heavy to lug around, complex to figure out, and take a near-expert to run, limiting the amount of measurements you can make.  You need something easier.  Introducing the low-cost, ultra-compact Mini Disk Infiltrometer.

Simplicity solves complexity

The Mini Disk Infiltrometer provides you with a better overall picture of your research site because it gives you more data for less time, effort, and money. Due to its incredibly easy setup and compact size, it’s ideal for making field measurements. You just pop it in your backpack with a bottle of water and take it absolutely anywhere. Thousands of scientists worldwide rely on the inexpensive Mini Disk Infiltrometer to understand complex problems such as hydrophobicity in soil, infiltration, irrigation system design, erosion hazard evaluation, and burn severity.

Hydraulic conductivity in two easy steps

We designed the Mini Disk Infiltrometer to be the absolute fastest, easiest way to test unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates. There’s no complex setup. Just fill the reservoir, set the suction, and start measuring infiltration. You don’t even have to pre-saturate the disk.

There’s no place it can’t go

The Mini Disk Infiltrometer is so small and compact that it can be put into a backpack and easily transported to places that are difficult to access.  You don’t have to worry about figuring out how to haul water to your site. The adjustable tension and a sintered contact plate ensure a reliable measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.  Not only that, no electronics and no moving parts mean you won’t find a lower cost, lower maintenance system anywhere.

Smarter measurements come in small packages

Get a more complete picture of highly variable unsaturated hydraulic conductivity with the infiltrometer that gives you more measurements for less time, less effort, less expertise, and less money. Simplify your research with the Mini Disk Infiltrometer.  There’s nothing else like it.

Total length

32.7 cm

Diameter of tube

3.1 cm

Volume of water required to operate

135 mL

Sintered stainless steel disc

4.5 cm diameter, 3 mm thick

Length of water reservoir

21.2 cm

Length of suction regulation tube

10.2 cm

Length of Mariotte tube

28 cm

Suction tube

0.5 to 7 cm of suction

Mini Disk Infiltrometer Manual