Erlab Captair Flow 321 Laminar Flow Cabinet

SKU: # Captair Flow 321

Captair Flow Smart 321, a 800 mm length vertical flow laminar flow cabinet providing an ultra-clean, dust free enclosure to handle various applications from tissue culture, non-pathogenic biological samples, food microbiology, cell culture, to semi-conductor assembly.     

Ergonomic Design

Slanted sash provides an comfortable working position and productivity

UV-C Germicidal Lamp

To sterilise the interior and contents before usage to prevent cross-contamination from the previous experiment

Dust Free Workstation

Class 5 air quality in the enclosure according to ISO 14644-1. 


eGuard Software able to connect all the other workstations that have the same control system, to create a connected eco-system to monitor the safety in the laboratory seamlessly. 

External dimensions (L x D x H))

800 mm x 615 mm x 1106 – 1292 mm

Internal dimension (L x D x H)

764 mm x 424 – 545 mm x 830 mm

SMART Technology

Simple, intuitive communication by light shows the status of the workstation

Filtration Type

High Efficiency Particulate Filter HEPA H14, filters guarantee 99.995% filteration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 μm. Air quality in the enclosure complies with EN ISO 14644-1 (Class 5)


Build in air flow anemometer
Sensor for fan speed and fan failure

Ergonomic design

Slanted design for comfortable and safe working position

Bactericidal UV Lamps

15 W Wavelength 254 nm

Internal Lighting

Compact tubular fluorescent lighting – 800 Lux- IP 67

Energy ports

Located on the enclosure side panels, allow the passage of power cables/fluid pipes in the enclosure without interfering the work flow

Work surface

High chemical and mechanical resistance 304 L Stainless Steel Worktop. Rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations. Built in spill tray

Molecular Filter

Option to add a layer of carbon filter for adsorption of ambient air VOCs

Mobile Stand

Stand with wheels

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