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Unbox Water Activity Meter, Model : Series 4TE

Water Activity Meter, Model Series 4TE from Meter Group, USA is the most popular and powerful Water Activity (Aw) measurement device in the market.

This is an unbox video, showing you what are included when you purchased a unit of Series 4TE Water Activity Meter. This is the brand new Water Activity Meter original packing. Joseph from TMS is showing you how to operate the system, what accessories included and way to preform the Water Activity (Aw) reading immediately.

Series 4TE : https://www.tms-lab.com/product/meter-aqualab-4te-benchtop-water-activity-meter/

Water Activity Meters : https://www.tms-lab.com/product-category/team-food/food-water-activity-and-moisture/

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